Annapurna Chakopadhyay

City councilor, former director of Edmonton Food Bank


KNOWN ASPECTS: Mysterious Benefactor; Fight the Power; Moral Support


The wife of Ganaraj Chakopadhyay, CEO of the Assam chain of upscale home decor and furnishings stores, Annapurna has made a name for herself as a bleeding-heart liberal on city council over the last few years. She makes impassioned speeches on social issues in support of the disenfranchised, the poor, and the homeless and always votes in favour of motions increasing financial support of social programs. This has made her rather unpopular among her fellow councilors, but Ms. Chakopadhyay is usually too busy championing political causes and volunteering for non-profit fundraisers to notice. There are some within the hidden community who whisper that Ms. Chakopadhyay’s tireless devotion to the poor and hungry is due to more than mere human concern, and her meteoric rise in reputation in Edmonton has been helped by unseen yet influential forces.

Annapurna Chakopadhyay

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