Westland Philips

Artistic Director, Midsummer Players


KNOWN ASPECTS: Emotional Actor; It’s in the Blood; Secret Mission


The Midsummer Players is an Edmonton-based theatrical group who perform but a single production—Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Each season for the past 4 years, this troupe performs a novel and entertaining adaptation of the play and tours it around the province, primarily in schools, in the British Columbia interior and coast, by invitation only in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and down into the American Pacific northwest. Their shows are never critically acclaimed, but reviews are generally positive and houses are always at least half full. Though the company attracts a variety of performers, only a handful are founding members and form the core of the Players’ cadre. Mr. Philips himself has been known to perform in the productions when the roster is lean, and “positively glows as Oberon, captivating the eye as a candle does a moth,” according to Lars Natsuko, arts reviewer for the Abbotsford Times. While performing is in Mr. Philips’ blood—his parents were both stage actors—so is his fey nature. His mission for the Seelie Court is to attract and advise young fey, whether they admit their nature or not, and keep them from falling under bad influences. This has led to unproven accusations about some of Mr. Philips’ interactions with young people.

Westland Philips

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