For thousands of years, mankind has believed that supernatural creatures lurked in the dark places of the world, preying on humanity in secret. Turns out, they were totally right.
The Great War was the main turning point. With mankind growing more technologically advanced – and more dangerous – the creatures of myth and legend began to retreat into the shadows. By World War II, an unspoken agreement existed amongst most of the supernatural denizens living on Earth – keep hidden, or die.

But that doesn’t mean certain elements of mankind didn’t still know they were there, and didn’t want to make sure they stayed in the shadows.

On Friday, January 11th, 1946, a secret arm of the fledgeling United Nations created the Supernatural Action Force – a peacekeeping agency devoted entirely to dealing with demonic, extra-dimensional, non-human and magical threats. The mandate was clear: anything hostile to humanity would be contained or destroyed.


North America has its share of supernatural creatures and elements, but along with human immigrants, Canada had an influx of foreign non-human immigrants in the 20th century. Like the humans they rely on, these creatures live mainly in urban centres – the vast wilderness of Canada isn’t exactly a hotbed of supernatural activity.

This is why UNSAF: Calgary has been able to handle all of Alberta for almost 50 years.

One of the earliest branches of UNSAF in Western Canada, the Calgary office is headquartered in a downtown office tower, has a staff numbering in the hundreds, and gets a tidy chunk out of the UNSAF budget to cover the territory they do. They maintain two satellite offices – one in Peace River to monitor upper northern Alberta, and one in Banff to monitor the Rockies. They maintain two private jets at a hangar at the Calgary International Airport which allows them to quickly get around the province within a matter of hours in case of an emergency.

At least – that was the case until April of this year.

In the past 14 months, supernatural activity has been on the rise in certain hotspots – and this has made the global headquarters in Munich decide to reallocate resources to more effectively cover more ground. This has resulted in an order coming down to the Calgary office: Edmonton needs a permanent branch office to deal with central and northern Alberta.

This did not go over well with the Calgary office. They lobbied long and hard to maintain their jurisdiction over all of Alberta – citing years of effective policing in the province, and a general lack of major supernatural threats having ever reared their heads here. But the decision was already made.

Grudgingly, Calgary set up the branch – but on their terms. The Edmonton office is a glorified satellite branch – minimal staff, minimal budget, minimal support, and answering to a “Regional Director” in Calgary. Only on a technicality is the Peace River satellite office part of the Edmonton jurisdiction – but that office is staffed by a single guy, anyway.

Calgary wants the Edmonton office to prove so incapable and ineffective that it all just gets folded back into their operation.

But what no one in the Calgary office knows is that years of treating Edmonton as a supernatural backwater has allowed a lot of stuff to go unnoticed there. And as certain prophecies begin to come to fruition… Edmonton may be a lot more important to the protection of the world than anyone realizes…


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